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https://www.0 - www.9 - 1 / 1 - Recopilación general de enlaces. - (282 links). 28/12/2016 28/12/2016 10/01/2018 10/01/2018 28/12/2016 28/12/2016 28/12/2016 28/12/2016 22/08/2016 17/10/2017 Welcome to 10,000 Birds, just the place for people who love birds, pictures of birds, and people who write about birds, birding, conservation, and much more. Get 10,000 Birds in your email inbox every day. Birding, blogging, conservation, and commentary. 06/06/2018 1000 aircraftphotos. Although we do not consider this site to be a forum, we encourage site visitors to contribute factual information and personal anecdotes about the aircraft pictured on our pages, which we refer to as "remarks". The personal anecdotes should relate to the specific aircraft pictured. Factual information may refer to the aircraft type in general. We always identify the source of the remarks unless we have supplied the information ourselves. If we have made a mistake we would like to hear from you by e-mail to the site information specialist, Johan Visschedijk. In 2002 we began dating each remark. In many cases the remarks will therefore have the appearance of a discussion "thread" similar to what is found on website forum pages. 10/03/2016 1000 bit?. I nomi migliori sono gia' stati presi... ed allora abbiamo pensato in binario: si! 8 Bit. Ma non solo 8 bit, qui si parla di tutte le macchine che hanno fatto la storia del personal computer, delle persone che li hanno progettati e che ci hanno lavorato. Mi chiamo Tiziano, vivo a Milano da quando mi sono sposato con Milena nel '94, il mio nickname e' Tix. E' nato perche' le sfide ad Olympic Games su Apple II erano col mio amico Tiziano e quindi per non confondere i records lui era Tiz ed io Tix. 10/04/2017 22/03/2016 Recettes de Cocktails et Boissons. 1001 Cocktails. Toutes les Recettes de Cocktails et Boissons avec ou sans alcool. 15/06/2016 1001 Crash - Worldwide aviation safety. Aviation safety news, statistics and report on recent airplane accidents. 27/11/2015 31/03/2017 Welcome to my site about cooking with whole, natural foods. I highlight recipes from favorite cookbooks, as well as recipes I write myself - inspired by ingredients that intersect my life, travels, and everyday interests. Heidi Swanson. 28/04/2017 28/04/2017 28/04/2017 28/04/2017 28/04/2017 28/04/2017 31/01/2017 31/01/2017 31/01/2017 31/01/2017 31/01/2017 31/01/2017 10/02/2018 04/03/2016 10th TACTICAL WING INSIGNIA. This site is first and for all dedicated to the insignia and memorabilia of the 10th Tactical Wing (10 W TAC) of the Belgian Air Force (currently renamed as Air Component of the Belgian Armed Forces). The insignia shown here are worn exclusively by this wing and its flying squadrons (23rd Squadron, 27th Squadron, 31st Squadron, 349th Squadron, B-Flight & Operational Conversion Unit) and by its ground units. 23/05/2016 23/05/2016 23/05/2016 23/05/2016 23/05/2016 23/05/2016 23/05/2016 23/05/2016 23/05/2016 23/05/2016 08/12/2015 Infoliin 1182 alustas Ekspress Hotline kaubamärgi all tegevust 1993. aastal. Esimene kõne võeti vastu 1.juunil 1993. Tallinna Peapostkontori ruumides. Esialgu vaid kolme telefonist-operaatoriga alustanud ettevõtmisest oli 1996. aastaks välja kasvanud kogu Eestit hõlmava kohalike infonumbrite ja harukontorite võrgustikuga mahukas infoettevõte. 22/10/2017 26/03/2017 15/06/2016 The Thirteenth Dimension and You. 15/06/2016 The Archive of Endangered, Special or Fun Words. 19/04/2017 15/06/2016 13 millones de naves, revista sobre cómics. 27/05/2017 13th Bomb Squadron Association. The 13th Bomb Squadron Association, a USAF Korean War veterans goup. The B-26 invader, nose art, combat tactics, how to fly a B-26 and more. 27/05/2017 Nose Art and Named Planes. 13th Bomb Squadron Association. 27/05/2017 Planes. 13th Bomb Squadron Association. 01/10/2016 08/03/2017 12/07/2018 The 147th Veterans’ Association is open to any current or past member of the 147th Aviation Company. This includes any of the various names used over the years to include the current designation of B Company 3-25th AVN GSAB. The association is a non-political group formed for the purpose of helping old Hillclimbers find each other and to come together as comrades in arms. The association is further dedicated to insuring that Hillclimber history is preserved and passed on. To that end the association will organize periodic reunions and publish a Hillclimber newsletter with articles of interest to Hillclimbers past and present. 11/03/2018 22/01/2018 14ymedio es fruto de la evolución de una aventura personal que se ha transformado en un proyecto colectivo. El blog Generación Y, realizado por Yoani Sánchez, ayudó a impulsar la blogósfera alternativa en la Isla y se ha convertido en referencia obligada sobre asuntos cubanos. Siete años después de su creación, con cerca de mil textos publicados y más de un millón de comentarios, esa bitácora personal deriva ahora hacia el espacio más amplio del periodismo. 10/02/2017 14ymedio es fruto de la evolución de una aventura personal que se ha transformado en un proyecto colectivo. El blog Generación Y, realizado por Yoani Sánchez, ayudó a impulsar la blogósfera alternativa en la Isla y se ha convertido en referencia obligada sobre asuntos cubanos. Siete años después de su creación, con cerca de mil textos publicados y más de un millón de comentarios, esa bitácora personal deriva ahora hacia el espacio más amplio del periodismo. 01/02/2017 11/03/2018 22/04/2018 12/07/2018 Our Company, 1-800-4CLOCKS™ was founded by individuals with a passion for collecting timepieces, and antiques and collectibles of many kinds. Now for over 20 years, we have been dealers in Clocks and Watches of all kinds -- from Antique American, British, French & German clocks and watches, to new clocks and watches by recognized names such as Howard Miller, Seth Thomas, Hermle, Chelsea Clock, Movado Clocks, Infinity Instruments and LaCrosse Technology weather instruments and clocks. We have also specialized in clock and watch restoration and repair, from the largest tower clocks to miniature clocks and watches. 17/02/2015 13/12/2017 13/12/2017 13/12/2017 05/12/2017 18/11/2017 06/02/2016 17/09/2015 17/09/2015 17/09/2015 17/09/2015 17/09/2015 17/09/2015 17/09/2015 17/09/2015 17/09/2015 28/05/2017 05/10/2015 10/04/2017 08/11/2017 08/11/2017 08/11/2017 08/11/2017 08/11/2017 08/11/2017 08/11/2017 08/11/2017 08/11/2017 12/01/2016 28/05/2017 16/01/2015 24/11/2015 10/03/2016 Photography by Victor Ivanovski. Buy photography online. Fine art photography: B&W and color, men and women, portrait and nude, landscapes and still life. 09/01/2018 Обучение фотографии, фотокурсы для начинающих, фотоуслуги в Москве. Виктор Ивановский. 06/06/2018 06/04/2018 23/03/2017 06/04/2016 06/04/2016 06/04/2016 06/04/2016 06/04/2016 06/04/2016 06/04/2016 06/04/2016 06/04/2016 06/04/2016 06/04/2016 02/11/2015 20Q is an object, a website, a company, and a phenomenon. It first gained popularity as an online game ( where users log onto the website and play against an artificial intelligence (A.I.) foe. Players think of an animal, vegetable, mineral, or other object and 20Q guesses what the player is thinking in twenty questions or less. And, the more people play, the more the game “learns.” gets 1,000,000 impressions per month, has asked more than one and a half billion questions and played its 79,000,000th game in December 2010! 04/02/2018 11/01/2017 27/05/2017 21food, as No.1 food b2b E-marketplace located in China, offers comprehensive e-commerce solution to both Global Food Buyers and Suppliers and help them establish good business relationship through our marketplace (b2b website). 21food’s global business solution for both Food Suppliers and Buyers are not limited to e-commerce, but are expanded to series of free services and premium solutions both online and offline, including Global Food Trade Show Promoting, Magazine Marketing, Directory of China Food Suppliers, Advertising, Free Sourcing for Global Buyers and so on. As one famous b2b website, 21food gathers worldwide food buyers and suppliers to form the largest food professionals communities to upgrade global food trade business by our featured services. Open your global food world, just one mouse click! 24/03/2015 24/03/2015 24/03/2015 24/03/2015 24/03/2015 24/03/2015 24/03/2015 24/03/2015 24/03/2015 24/03/2015 24/03/2015 03/02/2018 30/12/2017 18/06/2018 24 Horas, más que un periódico digital, es un espacio donde puedes informarte, compartir opiniones, divertirte y disfrutar de las novedades de Entretenimiento y Tecnología. En Deportes somos los pioneros en ofrecer los resultados de las Grandes Ligas en vivo 24 Horas a través de nuestra web. 30/01/2018 08/05/2018 Najnovije vijesti iz Hrvatske i Svijeta. 24sata. Najnovije vijesti dana iz Hrvatske i svijeta. Pratite i kometirajte politiku, sport, show, lifestyle, biznis na najvećem portalu u Hrvatskoj. 18/12/2015 Svijet – aktualne vijesti iz Europe i svijeta – 24sata News.v Najaktualnije vijesti i zanimljivosti iz zemalja sa područja Europe i svijeta. 28/03/2017 27/05/2018 28/03/2017 28/03/2017 28/03/2017 28/03/2017 28/03/2017 28/03/2017 28/03/2017 28/03/2017 13/05/2018 16/01/2015 06/04/2017 02/11/2015 The Education Society of Alberta is a not for profit organization. 02/11/2015 Links to interesting content updated hourly. 03/02/2016 2lingual makes it easy to Google Search in 2 languages. It performs both a Google Search and a Google Cross-language Search at the same time. It also provides a query translation option that can be activated or deactivated for Cross-language Google Searches. The top-ranking Google Search Results from 2 languages are presented side-by-side in separate lists. "Searching in 2 Languages" is a search innovation first demonstrated by 2lingual's 2004 bilingual search prototype. In 2012, Google Inc. referenced 2lingual for United States Patent 8,224,836 - "SEARCHING IN MULTIPLE LANGUAGES". In 2013, Microsoft Corporation referenced 2lingual for United States Patent Application 2013/0325833 - "LANGUAGE LEARNING OPPORTUNITIES AND GENERAL SEARCH ENGINES". 03/02/2016 Manitowoc County Genealogy, birth, death, cemetery, history, marriage and military: Manitowoc County, Wisconsin Genealogy. 03/02/2016 Veterans of World War II [A-G]. Some of the names have been taken from their tombstones, and some from the online government site and the local Veterans Administration list. If anyone has anything to add to these entries, feel free to send it to me. Future researchers would be delighted to find physical descriptions, medals earned, what kind of people they were, pictures and whatever else you deem proper to include. Here is an address with a search to find the men in this list. 03/02/2016 The official website for 2ManyDJs, Soulwax, Nite Versions & Radio Soulwax. 03/02/2016 Welcome to the 2manytoyz website. I've always been accused of having too many toys, hence the website title. I have lots of hobbies & technical tips, and this website shares some of them. I have my first four solar panels working great at the new house. I've just added two more solar panels. A couple of Kyocera 135W panels. See the link below for updates. The weather is finally cooling off enough to finish up several of my projects that were postponed due to the heat of Summer. Stay tuned... 27/05/2017 2mdc is a web development company located in Madrid. Since 1999, we’ve been shaping projects for our customers. We are passionate about our work. We like to see our customers satisfied. We want you to be as proud of the results as we are. We enjoy direct contact. We are not interested in abstractions: our thing is dealing with people. We enjoyed sharing the hopes of those who trust us. We know how important it is to meet a deadline or design a strategyon time. Therefore we strive to meet your needs with promptness, quality and efficiency. 27/05/2017 April Fools on the net - an archive of net pranks, jokes, humor, tricks & foolishness. This web site is either a SATIRE or a PARODY. This web page contains HUMOR. This web page is a JOKE. This web page is NOT TO BE TAKEN SERIOUSLY. THIS WEB PAGE CONTAINS NOT ONE SINGLE, SOLITARY FACT. It is PURE FICTION. This web page is not to be taken internally. This web page is made from 100% recycled electrons. No animals were harmed in the making of this web page. 27/05/2017 Construcción de Inmuebles. 2Mil Arquitectura. Hemos diseñado y construido Arquitectura de Interiores para Oficinas en los corredores como: Reforma, Insurgentes, Polanco, Lomas, Santa Fe. Somos una empresa dinámica, conformada por profesionistas con amplia experiencia, actualizados con tecnología de vanguardia, nuevos materiales y sistemas constructivos, en continua capacitación para optimizar procesos y trabajo en equipo. Contamos con 30 años de experiencia en el ramo de la Arquitectura; Diseño, Construcción y Decoración, tanto empresarial como industrial y residencial; siendo nuestro principal objetivo la satisfacción de nuestros clientes. Los principios que rigen nuestra filosofia de atención y calidad son profesionalismo y servicio. El arquitecto Jacobo Guttman, Director General de la empresa, es egresado de la Universidad Iberoamericana y del IPADE en el programa AD-2. 03/02/2015 02/11/2015 "2T-toys is in 2004 begonnen als hobby", aldus Simone van Nuland-Hak, van origine boekhoudster. "We wilden voor onze kinderen Thygo en Thymen (inderdaad de 2T's) leuk, en goedkoop speelgoed inkopen. Goedkoper in vergelijking met de normale winkelprijzen, het leven is immers al duur genoeg. Zo gezegd, zo gedaan...we kochten in en verkochten het speelgoed weer via websites als marktplaats en speurders. We kwamen er achter dat veel van onze vrienden en bekenden dezelfde wens hadden; kwaliteit speelgoed tegen een lage prijs. Dus we kochten steeds groter in. Mijn echtgenoot Menno van Nuland maakte in zijn vrije tijd een website. Eerst een gratis website maar als snel een eigen domeinnaam. We vulden onze website met deze artikelen die we ook daadwerkelijk op voorraad hebben". 01/02/2017 01/02/2017 01/02/2017 01/02/2017 01/02/2017 01/02/2017 01/02/2017 01/02/2017 01/02/2017 01/02/2017 01/02/2017 12/07/2018 La finalitat del Centre Excursionista 2x2 Santpedor és agrupar als entusiastes de les pràctiques esportives i culturals, relacionades amb la muntanya i la natura en general, amb el propòsit de fer col·lectives les experiències individuals i recollir-ne les propostes d’alguns dels mateixos socis per confeccionar un programa d’activitats diverses a l’abast de tothom i pels dotze mesos de l’any. El Centre Excursionista 2x2 de Santpedor és membre de la Federació d'Entitats Excursionistes de Catalunya (FEEC). 27/05/2017 303rd Bombardment Group. This website was conceived in response to the question posed by Ed Miller, "We should be doing much more for the 303rd BGA. Do you have any suggestions?" It was a loaded question, and I took the bait and volunteered myself for this project. When I designed the Thunderbird Web Page, a website of this magnitude was the farthest thing from my mind. My father, Vern L. Moncur, was the first pilot of the B-17G Thunderbird as a member of the 303rd Bombardment Group (H), 359th Bombardment Squadron. Though that was before I was born, I saw how his experiences changed his life and ours. I grew up in a home without a driveway ... it was the "runway." The patch of cement next to the runway where we played basketball was the "ramp." I was an adult before I knew "ramp" was an aviation term. Almost all our family rides were to the airport, a tradition that has carried on to my family. 16/01/2015 01/02/2017 Welcome on our website! Since 1951, the year of its creation, 31 Squadron has always strived to be a highly professional squadron, eager and ready to meet any operational commitment anywhere in the world. Our men and women have always been and are still today very proud to belong to the famous 31 Tiger Squadron, member of the NATO Tiger Community, and will live for ever with the spirit of being true Tigers. As our motto says: “Once a Tiger, always a Tiger!”. 27/05/2017 324TV影院-324TV影院,西瓜吉吉先锋影音播放器专用网,高清电影电视剧免费观看网站. 影视大全提供最新最快最全的电影资讯,提供迅雷看看西瓜电影点播、迅雷电影下载,同时提供各大视频网站视频无广告在线云点播! 31/01/2017 25/11/2015 07/01/2015 10/03/2016 The 352nd Virtual Fighter Group enjoyed its 15th anniversary in May of 2015! Time certainly has flown, as has the development of combat flight simulators. From the earliest days of CFS, with CFS2, a brief look at CFS3, through versions 1 to now 4.13 of IL-2, and looking forward to DCS WWII, the 352nd Virtual Fighter Group has grown, shrunk, grown again, and enjoys hours of friendly combat and camaraderie with squadmates and squadron friends. Come join us! 30/12/2017 23/04/2018 23/04/2018 23/04/2018 23/04/2018 23/04/2018 23/04/2018 23/04/2018 23/04/2018 23/04/2018 23/04/2018 23/04/2018 23/04/2018 23/04/2018 23/04/2018 23/04/2018 07/09/2015 07/09/2015 07/09/2015 07/09/2015 07/09/2015 07/09/2015 07/09/2015 07/09/2015 07/09/2015 28/01/2018 30/12/2017 06/03/2017 01/01/2015 15/03/2016 16/03/2016 16/03/2016 16/03/2016 16/03/2016 16/03/2016 26/03/2016 Descrivere se stessi e le proprie finalità talvolta non risulta assolutamente semplice. Alcuni fotografi credono che la forza del proprio lavoro derivi dalla profonda conoscenza del territorio circostante, altri invece ritengono che specializzarsi sul proprio territorio possa rappresentare un limite. Personalmente condivido la prima ipotesi. Appartengo alla categoria di quanti sostengono che una buona immagine fotografica può in genere essere apprezzata anche all’esterno di un qualsivoglia confine territoriale. Andrea Gambula. 16/03/2016 Háromszék, független napilap Sepsiszentgyörgy. (Comitatul Trei Scaune, cunoscut și ca Varmeghia Trei Scaune (în maghiară Háromszék vármegye, în germană Komitat Háromszék), a fost o unitate administrativă a Regatului Ungariei, care a funcționat în perioada 1876-1920. Capitala comitatului a fost orașul Sfântu Gheorghe) Wikipedia. 29/03/2016 Lightbox. 3T Education Services. Passionate about education. 3T Education Services creates learning solutions that work beautifully and inspire young people and professionals alike. Lightbox. 3T Education Services is an award winning multi-disciplined organisation committed to producing leading-edge solutions for our clients and end users. With an enviable track record spanning over 26 years, we have produced a broad range of solutions for an impressive list of clients. 13/07/2016 3tipos es una empresa establecida en 1998 especializada en desarrollo web que ofrece servicios de desarrollo de aplicaciones web (cualquiera sea su complejidad), diseño y consultoría en todo el mundo. La experiencia de años en el negocio, sumados a un equipo humano que incluye analistas, programadores de aplicaciones, creativos de diseño, y especialistas en diseño web, nos ha dado una posicionamiento importante frente a nuestra competencia, estando entre las primeras empresas en brindar soluciones "llave en mano" y totalmente desarrolladas en nuestra empresa por nuestro experimentado staff. 01/06/2016 06/03/2015 06/03/2015 06/03/2015 06/03/2015 06/03/2015 06/03/2015 06/03/2015 06/03/2015 06/03/2015 06/03/2015 12/02/2017 24/02/2015 19/06/2016 26/03/2017 06/06/2018 27/12/2017 10/05/2015 02/11/2015 Ian Redmond is a tropical field biologist and conservationist, renowned for his work with great apes and elephants. For more than 30 years he has been associated with Mountain Gorillas, through research, filming, tourism and conservation work. Ian founded Ape Alliance in 1996 to encourage conservation organisations to work together. Putting conservation principles into practice, he has led anti-poacher patrols, guided film crews and/or special interest tours into close encounters with gorillas, chimpanzees, orangutans, elephants and erupting volcanoes, and worked to support local conservationists during the horrors of Rwanda’s and D.R. Congo’s civil wars. 30/05/2017 Ape Alliance. Die Großen Affen - unsere Verwandten - und wie Sie helfen können, um sie vom Aussterben zu bewahrenption. Find out about the Great Apes - our relatives - and how you can help to save them from extinction. 31/01/2017 26/02/2017 19/05/2018 29/01/2017 05/03/2017 05/03/2017 05/03/2017 05/03/2017 05/03/2017 05/03/2017 05/03/2017 05/03/2017 06/03/2017 06/03/2017 19/02/2017 27/05/2017 绿色软件_飞翔下载_绿色软件为主的下载网站. 软件下载,绿色软件,杀毒软件,系统软件,网络软件,网络资讯,应用教程,游戏。 提供软件类软件下载的站点,网站以提供绿色软件为主,是网络发烧友,以及电脑爱好者最佳的软件下载场所,超快的更新速度,数台电信/网通镜像服务器高速下载,飞翔全力打造中国下载门户网站 23/08/2015 08/07/2018 15/02/2015 14/09/2016 12/07/2018 غرائب و عجائب , لقطات فيديو , صور غريبه ,صور عجيبه , صور طريفه , صور مضحكة , حقائق ,اخبار عجيبه , منع من العرض , موسوعة جينيس , اسلاميات , عالم التكنولوجيا , عجائب الدنيا ,حوادث ,غرائب الدنيا.معجزات , غرائب النساء , طرائف 13/07/2018 5 de Septiembre. Periódico de Cienfuegos, Cuba. 06/02/2015 25/03/2017 16/04/2018 10/02/2018 27/09/2015 16/04/2017 28/01/2017 24/10/2017 31/03/2017 17/02/2015 17/02/2015 17/02/2015 17/02/2015 17/02/2015 17/02/2015 17/02/2015 17/02/2015 17/02/2015 18/01/2018 02/10/2016 04/02/2016 19/01/2016 19/03/2017 15/02/2015 10/01/2015 01/04/2018

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https://www.a - www.a - 01/12 - Recopilación general de enlaces. - (4,416 links). 29/12/2016 29/12/2016 29/12/2016 29/12/2016 29/12/2016 29/12/2016 24/04/2017 29/12/2016 24/04/2017 29/12/2016 26/02/2014 A-1 Comics, Inc. - The Best Comic, Gaming, Import, And More Site On The Internet!. 01/04/2018 26/02/2014 Proveedor de servicios de Internet, formado por un consorcio de empresas que ofrece todo tipo de consultas y soluciones telemticas relacionadas con Internet. Creacion y diseño de paginas Web, inclusion de estas en la Red, asi como en los buscadores mas importantes. Programacion de CGIs. Gestion de dominios propios. Formacion especializada relacionada con el mundo de Internet. 01/04/2018 01/04/2018 01/04/2018 01/04/2018 01/04/2018 01/04/2018 02/04/2018 02/04/2018 10/11/2015 26/02/2014 Cheat Codes Walkthrough Hints Tips Strategy Guide Game Shark Cheats Code Guides PS2 Gamecube XBOX Game Boy Advance, PSP. 26/02/2014 Game Boy Advance GBA Cheat Codes Walkthrough Hints Tips Gameboy Strategy Guide FAQ Nintendo Cheats Code PS2 PSX PC Mac N64. 11/12/2012 26/02/2014 The A-37 Association Home Page. 30/12/2017 21/02/2017 14/06/2015 14/06/2015 14/06/2015 14/06/2015 14/06/2015 09/01/2016 On Dec. 9, 2013, AMR Corporation and US Airways Group Inc. announced the completion of the companies’ merger to officially form American Airlines Group Inc. (NASDAQ: AAL). American Airlines Group (NASDAQ: AAL) is the holding company for American Airlines. Together with regional partners operating as American Eagle, American offers an average of nearly 6,700 flights per day to nearly 350 destinations in more than 50 countries. American is a founding member of the oneworld® alliance, whose members and members-elect serve nearly 1,000 destinations with 14,250 daily flights to 150 countries. This year, American Airlines Group Inc. topped Fortune magazine’s list of best business turnarounds and its stock joined the S&P 500 index. 14/06/2015 14/06/2015 10/01/2015 31/12/2017 03/01/2018 Founded in Detroit in 1954 by Edgar P. Richardson, then Director of the Detroit Institute of Arts, and Lawrence A. Fleischman, a Detroit executive and active young collector, the initial goal of the Archives was to serve as microfilm repository of papers housed in other institutions. This mission expanded quickly to collecting and preserving original material and, in 1970, the Archives joined the Smithsonian Institution, sharing the Institution’s mandate—the increase and diffusion of knowledge. The Archives today is the world’s pre-eminent and most widely used research center dedicated to collecting, preserving, and providing access to primary sources that document the history of the visual arts in America. 04/01/2018 09/02/2018 13/02/2018 19/02/2018 03/01/2018 31/01/2018 19/02/2018 13/02/2018 14/09/2017 14/09/2017 14/09/2017 14/09/2017 14/09/2017 14/09/2017 14/09/2017 14/09/2017 14/09/2017 14/09/2017 14/09/2017 14/09/2017 14/09/2017 14/09/2017 25/12/2014 12/06/2015 25/11/2015 15/07/2014 12/12/2017 28/05/2017 28/05/2017 03/02/2017 03/02/2017 03/02/2017 03/02/2017 03/02/2017 03/02/2017 03/02/2017 03/02/2017 16/07/2014 09/06/2018 24/05/2017 The Very Best In Aviation and Air Race News and Photography. 10/11/2015 13/02/2017 09/06/2017 WELCOME to the website of the Anguilla Archeological & Historical Society (AAHS). Here you can find information about the Society, and also about the culture and history of Anguilla. Our objectives are: To protect and preserve Anguilla's shared cultural heritage. To document and record finds of archeological or historical significance on Anguilla. To encourage reports of discoveries or research of an archeological or historical nature on Anguilla. To encourage the passing of supportive legislation on Anguilla. To do all such other things as will promote the aims of the society. 15/02/2017 04/09/2017 30/12/2017 08/04/2017 30/01/2018 25/10/2016 Astronomy & Astrophysics is an international Journal that publishes papers on all aspects of astronomy and astrophysics (theoretical, observational, and instrumental) independently of the techniques used to obtain the results. The journal is published by EDP Sciences. Institutions and private individuals can subscribe to A&A. Access to the journal is defined by IP number. Access is free to subscribers of the journal. A username and password are not required. An archive of the published articles is maintained by the Centre des Données Stellaires (CDS) in Strasbourg. 06/04/2017 24/10/2017 26/02/2017 01/04/2018 28/01/2018 28/01/2018 30/12/2017 30/12/2017 20/03/2017 26/02/2017 02/03/2016 Cocina. Alimentación, Recetas de los chef, Dieta y nutrición. AARP en español. Información, consejos sobre vinos y bebidas, dietas, nutrición, comida saludable y más. Americans age 50 and older face choices and pressures unlike those of any other age group – choices few could have prepared for. As the charitable affiliate of AARP, AARP Foundation is working with struggling people 50 and over so they can regain their confidence as good providers and members of their communities. We focus on four priorities where immediate action and legal advocacy will have the greatest impact: hunger, income, housing and isolation. 09/06/2018 14/06/2015 14/06/2015 AATE. Asociacion Argentina de Tecnologia Espacial. 01/07/2018 03/07/2014 12/02/2016 Die Alpen-Adria-Universität Klagenfurt (AAU) hat sich seit ihrer Gründung anno 1970 als tragende Stimme im Kanon der österreichischen Universitäten, als global vernetzte Forschungsinstitution und als Drehscheibe für Wissenserwerb, Wissensaustausch und Wissenstransfer in der gesamten Alpen-Adria-Region etabliert. Gemeinsam mit den Universitäten Graz, Innsbruck, Linz, Salzburg und Wien gehört sie zu den sechs staatlichen Universitäten mit breitem Fächerspektrum. 18/04/2017 18/04/2017 31/12/2017 13/07/2014 14/02/2016 22/11/2015 24/10/2017 12/07/2016 25/02/2016 The Antiquarian Booksellers' Association of America was founded in 1949 to promote interest in rare and antiquarian books and book collecting, and to foster collegial relations. We strive to maintain the highest standards in the trade. All members agree to abide by the ABAA's Code of Ethics. While our members sell, buy, and appraise books and printed matter, our staff can assist you with finding a bookseller and with other trade-related matters. 14/08/2014 15/11/2015 19/06/2018 25/01/2016 25/01/2016 25/01/2016 25/01/2016 25/01/2016 25/01/2016 19/06/2018 25/01/2016 25/01/2016 25/01/2016 25/01/2016 16/07/2014 26/03/2017 26/03/2016 Abaco Informatica srl è un'azienda indipendente, fondata nel 1985, attiva nel settore dell'informatica e delle telecomunicazioni. Nel 1995 Abaco Informatica diventa il primo Internet Provider della Provincia di Pesaro e Urbino e adotta definitivamente il marchio ABANET. ABANET è composta da un team di 20 professionisti dell'informatica e del web (sviluppatori, designers, sistemisti, esperti della net economy), diretti dai 3 soci, il fondatore Paolo Galeazzi, Claudio Galeazzi e Giacomo Mandoloni. 30/12/2017 08/01/2015 08/01/2015 08/01/2015 08/01/2015 19/04/2017 19/04/2017 08/01/2015 08/01/2015 08/01/2015 08/01/2015 08/01/2015 08/01/2015 10/12/2017 08/01/2015 08/01/2015 08/01/2015 08/01/2015 08/01/2015 08/01/2015 08/01/2015 08/01/2015 08/01/2015 08/01/2015 08/01/2015 08/01/2015 08/01/2015 08/01/2015 08/01/2015 08/01/2015 08/01/2015 27/04/2014 14/08/2014 05/12/2017 20/03/2017 01/02/2017 04/02/2018 27/10/2016 05/01/2016 12/05/2017 Recetas de cocina y trucos de cocina - Sal y Pimienta en ABC. Recetas de cocina y trucos de cocina, buscador de recetas, entrantes, primeros platos, segundos platos y postres. Menus de cocina. 22/08/2014 26/04/2017 01/01/2015 06/06/2014 06/06/2014 06/06/2014 09/01/2018 19/05/2016 28/08/2015 Programas y tutoriales gratis en castellano. Miles de tutoriales y programas gratis en castellano a su libre disposición a un solo click de distancia. Y para los webmasters, toda la información que necesita para desarrollar una web de éxito. 26/03/2017 08/03/2018 08/03/2017 14/08/2016 04/02/2018 04/10/2014 21/05/2018 13/09/2017 07/06/2017 07/06/2017 07/06/2017 07/06/2017 07/06/2017 07/06/2017 07/06/2017 07/06/2017 28/08/2017 02/04/2015 22/03/2017 25/01/2017 08/03/2018 26/08/2017 05/12/2017 27/04/2014 14/02/2015 Ancient Egyptian Gods. 18/01/2015 The Classics Technology Center on the Web (CTCWeb) is part of the AbleOne Education Network (AbleOne), an online educational resource for millions of educators and students at the K-12 and post secondary levels around the globe. For seven years, AbleOne has used the Internet to provide quality teaching and learning materials to its rapidly growing corps of dedicated users worldwide. As a non-profit organization, AbleOne is underwritten by corporate and philanthropic sponsors and is ideally positioned on the Internet to serve as the link for these sponsors to a global audience of educators, students, and other curious minds. As an Internet pioneer, AbleOne has proved its formula for generating loyalty and interaction with the most highly sought after target audience of corporate and philanthropic sponsors: educated users worldwide. 25/03/2015 The American Bryological and Lichenological Society was founded in 1898. It is an organization devoted to the scientific study of all aspects of the biology of bryophytes and lichen-forming fungi and is one of the nation's oldest botanical organizations. Membership is open to all persons (professionals and amateurs) with interest in these organisms. Approximately 625 individuals currently hold membership in the Society. 05/01/2018 10/11/2015 01/06/2018 08/03/2017 18/09/2015 Institut Psicologic Antoni Bolinches. En aquesta pàgina trobarà una àmplia informació sobre els diferents àmbits d'especialització que configuren la nostra oferta de serveis professionals, així com també una acurada ressenya dels llibres que componen la nostra Biblioteca d'autoajuda. El nostre Institut va ser creat a l'any 1994 i des d'aleshores ha desenvolupat una important tasca clínica, pedagògica i divulgativa que l'ha convertit en un centre de referència en el tractament dels problemes relacionats amb la seguretat, la realització personal i la resolució de conflictes amorosos i de relació de parella. 30/12/2017 26/04/2017 27/02/2014 13/06/2016 13/06/2016 13/06/2016 13/06/2016's_Mill 13/06/2016 13/06/2016 13/06/2016 13/06/2016 13/06/2016 13/06/2016 13/06/2016 13/06/2016 13/06/2016 19/06/2016 22/08/2016 28/01/2018 20/03/2017 01/08/2014 28/05/2017 19/06/2016 26/02/2017 30/03/2018 16/12/2014 16/12/2014 16/12/2014 16/12/2014 20/03/2017 16/12/2014 16/12/2014 16/12/2014 16/12/2014 16/12/2014 16/12/2014 16/12/2014 16/12/2014 16/12/2014 16/12/2014 03/02/2018 10/11/2015 28/12/2015 „Нетинфо” е най-голямата дигитална медийна компания в България, която достига до 75% от интернет потребителите в страната и е лидер на пазара от 16 години. В портфолиото на компанията са най-големите български сайтове, сред които са АБВ Поща,,,, и много други. „Нетинфо“ е част от Нова Броудкастинг Груп и така става част от най-голямата медийна група в България. 05/12/2017 06/05/2017 06/05/2017 20/03/2014 26/10/2015 10/04/2017 20/03/2017 08/01/2016 Universidad Academia de Humanismo Cristiano. Providencia, Santiago de Chile. Nuestra historia se inicia en 1975 cuando el Cardenal Raúl Silva Henríquez impulsó la creación de un centro de estudios en un marco de libertad y pluralismo. Así nació la Academia de Humanismo Cristiano. Esta Institución permitió a un amplio grupo de intelectuales del país, en especial en el campo de las ciencias sociales, desarrollar un espacio para la creación y difusión de conocimientos sobre nuestra realidad política, económica, social y cultural. 28/04/2018 08/01/2016 08/01/2016 08/01/2016 08/01/2016 22/05/2016 22/05/2016 08/01/2016 08/01/2016 08/01/2016 20/03/2017 08/01/2016 04/03/2016 Het project van een Academia Belgica te Rome zag het licht in 1930, ter gelegenheid van het huwelijk van prinses Marie-José met prins Umberto van Italië. Verschillende landen waren al in Rome vertegenwoordigd door een wetenschappelijke of culturele instelling, met de steun van de Italiaanse regering. België zag het belang van een intellectuele en artistieke ambassade in Italië: enerzijds om de relaties tussen Italië en België te bevorderen en anderzijds om onderdak te bieden aan onderzoekers en Belgische kunstenaars die zich in Rome wilden vestigen. De Academia Belgica zou tevens het Belgisch Historisch Instituut te Rome (BHIR) – gesticht in 1902 – en de net opgerichte Nationale Stichting Prinses Marie-José (SPMJ) huisvesten. 08/01/2016 08/01/2016 08/01/2016 08/01/2016 08/01/2016 08/03/2017 25/03/2017 01/04/2017 19/10/2015 01/11/2014 01/11/2014 01/11/2014 01/11/2014 01/11/2014 25/01/2017 01/11/2014 01/11/2014 29/05/2018 Si la fondation de l’Académie française par Richelieu en 1635 marque une date importante dans l’histoire de la culture française, c’est parce que, pour la première fois, les débats d’une assemblée de lettrés ont été considérés comme pouvant jouer un rôle éminent dans le devenir de la société et de la nation. Ainsi, les statuts et règlements visés par le cardinal, puis l’enregistrement au Parlement de Paris, en juillet 1637, des Lettres patentes signées par Louis XIII, consacrèrent le caractère officiel d’une institution parisienne, dont le Cardinal de Richelieu était nommé «le chef et le protecteur» (fonction exercée aujourd’hui par le chef de l’État), et dont la mission revêtait un caractère expressément national. 01/11/2014 15/05/2016 C’est en 1986, à l’initiative de Maurice Druon, élu Secrétaire perpétuel de l’Académie française en 1985, que commença la publication, sous forme de fascicules, de la neuvième édition du Dictionnaire de l’Académie française, alors que les travaux de révision de la huitième édition avaient été entrepris depuis plusieurs années déjà. En 1992, l’Académie fit paraître le premier tome de son Dictionnaire (de A à Enzyme), en 2000, le second tome (de Éocène à Mappemonde) et en 2011, le troisième (de Maquereau à Quotité). 15/05/2016 Académie française. Les immortels. Les publications 2016. 05/07/2018 La qualification d’immortels, propre aux élus de l’Académie française, peut prêter à sourire, mais les académiciens en mesurent sagement la portée. Ils doivent leur surnom d’immortels à la devise «À l’immortalité», qui figure sur le sceau donné à l’Académie par son fondateur, le cardinal de Richelieu et qui se réfère à leur mission, porter la langue française. C’est celle-ci qui est immortelle. L’ordonnance de 1816 qui rétablit les académies précise — art.10 — que «l’Académie française reprendra ses anciens statuts»; la devise décidée par Richelieu en fait partie. 01/11/2014 L'Academie Goncourt decerne chaque annee de nombreuses bourses et prix, dont le celebre Prix Goncourt... biographie et bibliographie des frares Goncourt et des membres actuels, origines de l'Academie, fonctionnement, bourses et prix, laureats, palmares du Prix Goncourt depuis sa creation... 01/11/2014 06/03/2017 L'Académie des sciences doit son origine à la fois aux cercles de savants qui dès le début du XVIIe siècle se réunissent autour d'un mécène ou d'une personnalité érudite, et aux sociétés scientifiques permanentes qui se constituent à la même époque, telles l'Accademia dei Lincei à Rome (1603), la Royal Society à Londres (1645),... En 1666, Colbert crée une Académie qui se consacre au développement des sciences et conseille le pouvoir en ce domaine. Il choisit des savants, mathématiciens (astronomes, mathématiciens et physiciens) et des physiciens (anatomistes, botanistes, zoologistes et chimistes) qui tiennent leur première séance le 22 décembre 1666 dans la bibliothèque du roi, à Paris. 09/10/2016 09/10/2016 09/10/2016 09/10/2016 09/10/2016 17/09/2016 09/10/2016 09/10/2016 09/10/2016 09/10/2016 09/10/2016 09/10/2016 09/10/2016 28/03/2018 Acadia Early Music Archive. 22/05/2017 11/09/2016 31/12/2016 19/02/2017 18/03/2018 07/05/2017 10/07/2016 The African Community Center of Denver was created in May 2001 through our parent organization, the Ethiopian Community Development Council. Beginning with only 3 staff members resettling 60 refugees, we have grown into a staff of over 50 competent, compassionate employees who serve over 550 refugees, asylees, and secondaries each year! At the African Community Center, we accept refugees who have fled persecution in their home countries and have received third country resettlement through the UNHCR and the U.S. State Department. Refugees come to Colorado from all regions of the world. 15/07/2014 15/07/2014 15/07/2014 15/07/2014 15/07/2014 15/07/2014 16/07/2014 16/07/2014 16/07/2014 23/05/2017 AccessArt is a unique organisation! A registered UK charity AccessArt is a membership organisation which relies on the income created from memberships to continue to expand and develop the inspirational resources it shares via the AccessArt website. AccessArt was founded and is led by Paula Briggs and Sheila Ceccarelli. We facilitate high quality visual arts workshops and events to a wide audience, and we are proud to share the ideas and outcomes generated through these workshops via an evolving collection of high quality, inspirational teaching and learning resources available from this site. 07/03/2018 16/07/2014 23/05/2018 23/05/2018 23/12/2015 23/12/2015 23/12/2015 23/12/2015 23/12/2015 23/12/2015 23/12/2015 28/01/2018 23/05/2018 28/01/2018 23/05/2018 28/01/2018 28/01/2018 28/01/2018 Connecticut Indian Tribes. Updated: August 11, 2012. Connecticut, Native American. 28/01/2018 28/01/2018 Florida Indian Tribes. Updated: January 13, 2015. Florida, Native American. 28/01/2018 28/01/2018 28/01/2018 28/01/2018 28/01/2018 28/01/2018 28/01/2018 22/05/2016 06/05/2018 The Kiowa and Comache of Kansas. Updated: August 18, 2014. Kansas, Native American. The Kiowa enjoy the distinction of constituting alone a linguistie family of North American Indians. The name comes from their word Ka-i-gwu, meaning “Principal People.” They lived first on the Yellowstone and the Upper Missouri. From thence they began a southern movement which brought them to notice in historic times along the Upper Arkansas and Canadian rivers. At one time, in their migration, they were in alliance with the Crows. They were at war with the Arapahos and Cheyenne until about 1840, when they began to act in concert with those tribes. 23/05/2018 23/05/2018 23/12/2015 23/05/2018 23/05/2018 23/05/2018 23/05/2018 23/05/2018 23/05/2018 23/05/2018 27/03/2014 23/05/2018 27/03/2014 14/09/2016 Acción Cultural Española (AC/E) es una entidad pública dedicada a impulsar y promocionar la cultura y el patrimonio de España, dentro y fuera de sus fronteras, a través de un amplio programa de actividades que incluye exposiciones, congresos, ciclos de conferencias, cine, teatro, música, producciones audiovisuales e iniciativas que fomentan la movilidad de profesionales y creadores. 01/03/2015 10/02/2018 13/02/2017 17/10/2015 21/12/2016 25/04/2015 14/09/2015 27/06/2014 12/02/2017 19/04/2015 08/06/2017 29/11/2015 29/11/2015 29/11/2015 29/11/2015 29/11/2015 29/11/2015 29/11/2015 29/11/2015 29/11/2015 29/11/2015 29/11/2015 10/01/2015 10/04/2017 10/11/2015 07/06/2014 07/06/2014 07/06/2014 07/06/2014 07/06/2014 07/06/2014 07/06/2014 07/06/2014